Studio 101 at Dubai Studio City at
Dubai Studio City
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Studio 101 at Dubai Studio City at
Dubai Studio City

    Starting Price
    270,000 AED
    Area From

    360 Sqft.



    Located at the Dubai Studio city, brings you a new luxurious condominium building with residential units. Highlights include: retail space on the ground and cellar levels, recreational facilities with a choice of restaurants for unique dining experience. Studio 101 will include Studio, 1 BHK, 2 BHK apartments and fully furnished.

    Project Details

    Dubai Studio City is the right combination of planned infrastructure, endowed collection and dynamic business environment located in the heart of the city. Following the footsteps of Dubai Media City, it is catering to the production needs of the region and has built movie studios like Hollywood sound stages and backlots for various production needs.

    Payment Plan

    Installment Milestone Payment(%)
    1st Installment Booking Fee 10+4%
    2nd Installment After 30 Days of Sale 1%
    3rd Installment After 60 Days of Sale 1%
    4th Installment After 90 Days of Sale 1%
    5th Installment After 120 Days of Sale 1%
    6th Installment After 150 Days of Sale 1%
    7th Installment After 180 Days of Sale 6%
    8th Installment After 210 Days of Sale 1%
    9th Installment After 240 Days of Sale 1%
    10th Installment After 270 Days of Sale 1%
    11th Installment After 300 Days of Sale 1%
    12th Installment After 330 Days of Sale 1%
    13th Installment After 360 Days of Sale 6%
    14th Installment After 390 Days of Sale 1%
    15th Installment After 420 Days of Sale 1%
    16th Installment After 450 Days of Sale 1%
    17th Installment After 480Days of Sale 1%
    18th Installment After 510 Days of Sale 1%
    19th Installment After 540 Days of Sale 6%
    20th Installment After 570 Days of Sale 1%
    21th Installment After 600 Days of Sale 1%
    22nd Installment After 630 Days of Sale 1%
    23rd Installment On Handover 30%
    24th Installment 1% Every Month for Next 24 Months 24%

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