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Invest Group Overseas (IGO) is one of the most reputed and leading real estate developers, based in Dubai. The company is led by some of the big names with a wealth of experience in the field of investment and real-estate sector.


Since its inception, the company has focused primarily on tapping the market potential of the expanding economies. As such, it has also contributed immensely to the overall economy by developing properties that have immense value.


As of now, the company is striving to become a leader in the field of quality project development, and on that front, it is working hard to deliver landmark projects that ensure high ROI. The prime objective is to contribute significantly to the development and growth of cities and localities that host these developments.


Invest Group Overseas is working with the mission to capitalize on business opportunities that support the growth and development of the region. For the same reason, the company is making sizeable investments in commercially viable real estate, retail, and financial activities.